The Arts Development Company believe in people’s ability to change life for the better through arts and culture.

Positive social change

We are an independent, employee-owned community interest company, formed in 2015 from Dorset County Council’s in-house arts team. Our pioneering organisation is the only one of its kind in the UK. It’s our mission to inspire positive social change through creativity and collaboration.

We understand the positive impact the arts can have on health and communities. We work with partners across arts and culture and in other sectors to deliver projects and develop policy.

Putting arts and culture at the heart of people’s lives

Our projects galvanise and inspire people, engender confidence and strengthen economic development. We are working for a world where arts and culture are at the heart of people’s lives.

Dorset County Council Service Level Agreement

We have successfully delivered a Service Level Agreement on behalf of Dorset County Council for the last three years (the current agreement runs up until March 2019). Within this agreement, we support Dorset-wide arts and cultural organisations to network and share good practice. We help to connect culture to partnerships beyond the sector such as tourism, planning, education, economic development, the environment, and health and wellbeing. We encourage cultural organisations to develop new funding streams to reduce their dependency on public sector grants. In addition, we support them to measure their social and economic impact in the county. We maintain effective working relationships with all directorates in Dorset County Council including elected members, local authorities, Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, the Dorset Health and Wellbeing Board and Arts Council England.

We are a member of Social Enterprise UK

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