The town public library has books to borrow, computers to use and provides access to information and events. But it could also be used for other things too – talks, meeting space, debate, space for arts and crafts, play, music? The Arts Council England is interested in helping libraries to expand what they can offer, and what they can make available for residents and communities.

The Arts Development Company is managing a consultation project on behalf of Dorset Library service to consult with residents, cultural providers and businesses.

Project consultants Sandy Kirkby, Sue Palmer and Sally Watkins are asking artists, arts organisations, businesses and the people in the towns of Weymouth & Gillingham and surrounding areas – what else can happen in our libraries?

They will compile a report on the potential for libraries to work with others to offer different creative opportunities, events and services for residents, artists and businesses. The consultation runs from 1st February until 8th March 2017.