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Despite the delays and obstacles 2020 brought all of us, we have helped to create three new sculpture trails across Dorset.


Parish Boundary Markers: West Dorset Walkers Welcome

Dorset has a rich history that is celebrated in towns, villages and hamlets across the county. It’s now time to celebrate one more; our parish boundaries. 

Led by Dorset Council’s Countryside Access Development Officer Tara Hansford, we commissioned eight Dorset artists to create 11 new artworks for the West Dorset Coast Path, that runs from Ware, on the Dorset/Devon boundary, all the way to Abbotsbury. 

 Tara Hansford, Countryside Access Improvement Officer, Dorset Council explains:

“All too often today, the details that create a sense of local interest and character are lost and replaced by mass-produced monotonous infrastructure.  This project reintroduces more of the ‘local’ and ‘distinctive’ interest back into our surroundings. It’s a collaboration between local landowners, local artists and craftspeople in response to the local landscape and its rich cultural history. Each piece is unique, with an air of mystery about it – alluding to its local context – to wet the walkers appetite encouraging them to investigate more into what it might mean and unearth a bit of local history. For many people walking along the coast path the focus is often on the seascape – looking out onto that amazing mass of ocean and the beautiful narrow strip of coastal headland.  This project hopes to also encourage the walker to look inland and gain a better awareness about the landscape they are walking through and curiosity to explore and learn more about the Dorset parishes along the coast path.”

This project is part of Dorset Coastal Connections, a connected portfolio of 18 projects along the Dorset coast which aims to support and boost the economies of Dorset coastal areas.  It couldn’t have been achieved without the input and support of local landowners and grant funding from the Coastal Communities Fund and partner organisations, coordinated by the Dorset Coast Forum.

View the Dorset Coast Have Your Say website  for the full background of the project.

 Images by Tara Hansford

Bridport Sculpture Trail

Bridport Town Council, The Arts Development Company and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) have been working together to instigate a new sculpture trail for Bridport. 

2020 marked the 60th anniversary of the AONB and this trail showcases sculptures from Dorset AONB artists.

The sculptures can be found along a new green route; a three-mile walk around the historic market town.

Download the map here

View full list of artworks here

Pictured: Stalking Dog by Greta Berlin

Lyme Regis Sculpture Trail

Le Lister and Langmoor gardens, in the heart of Lyme Regis, have been home to the sculpture trail since 2015. Perched above the beach, with far-reaching views to the Cobb and coastline beyond, the gardens provide a perfect outdoor gallery for contemporary art.

The sculpture trail is managed and curated by our Arts and Environments lead Cleo Evans at The Arts Development Company, in liaison with Lyme Regis Town Council. Each year, Cleo selects, curates and installs new artworks, with the help of their freelance project manager Nicola Hawkins. Together they aim to enhance the natural beauty of the gardens, create unique and imaginative experiences, and improve the wellbeing of local citizens and visitors.

View full list of artworks here

Pictured: Ammonite Jurassic Cracked by Hamish Mackie