Babigloo Music for Babies (or Babigloo for short) is an approach to early years music-making for the very youngest children (under one year) and their mothers or carers. It is the brainchild of Jenny Gordon, a Dorset-based musician, who saw a need for quality musical provision to support new parents who were experiencing anxiety and low-level post-natal depression

How we’re involved

We provide business development support to broker new links for the Babigloo team. We’re also creating a new promotional video which will demonstrate their social impact.

Why we’re involved

Health and Wellbeing is one of our top priorities and we believe arts and culture can significantly improve your mental health.

“Babigloo has helped Freddie in so many ways, watching his development over the course of the 8 weeks is amazing. I can see he is far more interactive and confident when with other people, something which I was worried was holding him back before. And just watch his growth, his development, it’s really improved.”

Our impact

Our project lead, Hannah Baker, has written an article outlining the benefits of this programme. Read it here.

 Two case studies have been published on Youth Music Network with accounts from two parents. Read it here.