In the U.K, 1 in 5 women develop mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year after childbirth. Social isolation, post-natal depression and anxiety are common for new families, and access to effective help is vital. We help to tackle this in Dorset by supporting Babigloo, a programme that improves the mental health of parents, carers and their babies through music making.
Babigloo Music for Babies (or Babigloo for short) is an approach to early years music-making for the very youngest children (under one year) and their mothers or carers. It is the brainchild of Jenny Gordon, a Dorset-based musician, who saw a need for quality musical provision to support new parents who were experiencing anxiety and low-level post-natal depression

How we’re involved

We provide business development support to broker new links for the Babigloo team. We’re also creating a new promotional video which will demonstrate their social impact.

Our impact

in 2018/2019, 61 families engaged in the programme. For every £1 spent, £40 was returned as social impact benefits and it has generated a total of £403,000 of net social benefit.

(we used the Mental Health Social Value Calculator and analysed two parents who were experiencing anxiety)

Out of 30 parents asked…

  • 91% agree Babigloo has increased their confidence
  • 100% improved their wellbeing
  • 89% believe it has helped with their child’s development
  • And 100% feel it has improved the parent-child bond


  • Our project lead, Hannah Baker, has written an article outlining the benefits of this programme. Read it here.
  • Two case studies have been published on Youth Music Network with accounts from two parents. Read it here.