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The Arts Development Company are committed to finding new ways that the culture sector in Dorset and beyond can work better. One of those ways is to look at new forms of finance which reduce our reliance on funding from both local and national government. While we recognise that all of us will continue to need support from the public sector in some form, the pressure on national budgets means that we need to find a good mix of income streams which do not put all of our eggs in one basket.

Working with Sarah Forster of the Good Finance Company and Dan Gregory from Common Capital we are exploring a new funding model which opens up our work and that of our partners to the possibility of social investment.

Social investment is repayable finance for which the investors will need to see how their investment impacts on people and communities in a positive way – commonly referred to as social impact. This work is funded by the national government’s Mutuals Support Programme which is based within the Office for a Civil Society.

As part of this work we are developing new ways of demonstrating our own company social impact and, under the Culture+ programme, offering training sessions in the development of new impact models for organisations and individuals across the county.


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