From our Visual Arts Market Place research we discovered that there is not enough space in Dorset to showcase and display art work. In our tourism strand there is a general idea that visitor to Dorset are mostly visiting for its beaches and countryside, there was therefore a need to promote and showcase Dorset’s cultural offer.

How did we do it?

We reached out and built a partnership with the French ferry company operating from Poole Harbour, Brittany Ferry. By chance, they were redeveloping one of their entertainment spaces, and would have a 3-month gap where the space needed rejuvenated.

We then set out an open call for artists in Dorset to encourage them to submit their work for judging and to be curated to be a part of the exhibition.

a picture of five paintings on a grey wall on the Barfleur Ferry




  • Choosing the right and appropriate work to be put up
  • Finding the right time when the ship is at the Dock and ready to install the exhibition
  • Finding the right way to put the work art work up that is suitable for a moving boat and secure for passenger

What we have learnt through this

  • How to put an exhibition up on a ship
  • The ferry companies’ priorities
  • The return of investment that we put in is not sustainable enough to repeat in the future, unless we make it a larger operation with more ships and regular programme


Activity Outcome

  • 14 art work displayed from 14 artists
  • 3 months exhibition
  • the artworks travel for 5000 miles

This Activity Report is a part of Culture+ Project Report