Working with a variety of small businesses and organisations brought to our attention that businesses quickly make a logo and a name without considering themselves as a brand. They were also not aware that they could affordably commission a designer or illustrator to develop their brand. On the other hand illustrators and designer tend to look to work with big brands, instead their local smaller business.



  • Improve the awareness and importance of needing a brand for your business
  • Work with emerging illustrators and designers to walk them through the process of building a brand for clients
  • Develop an understanding why brand development is necessary for small business
  • Show how they can improve their own brand to win new business
  • Introduce the illustrators and designers to the small businesses

How did we do it?

We organised a workshop and a trade show. The workshop was aimed at the illustrators and designers how to present their brand and pitch to potential businesses. The trade show was a networking and for the creatives to present themselves to local small businesses, in this case in collaboration with Dorset Food & Drink.

What were the challenges?

  • Getting  local small businesses to spare time to attend the trade show

What we learnt through this

  • Small businesses have little free time, and changing their mindset about brand is hard
  • To focus the workshop on the importance of brand for start ups
  • The need to provide creatives with tips and guidance on how to win new clients
  • The scope of the programme needed to be bigger, longer and  it need to develop reputation so small businesses recognise the value of working with creatives to develop their brand

This Activity Report is a part of Culture+ Project Report



  • The illustrators attended the trade show got new business leads
  • We produced how to brief an illustrator guide
  • Octavia Bromell one of the illustrators saw herself as a business for the first time because of the workshop. She now work with a big brand – Adobe. Octavia gained one of seven international residency with Adobe Creative Resident, talking at events by Apple and Microsoft and actively producing work for clients. Listen to her talk at the prominent design podcast Creative Rebels