With a Masters’ degree in Ancient History and passion for the heritage sector, Chloe joined the Early Careers network to learn how to market herself, establish her business, and build up the confidence to enhance her own access consultancy. Chloe is a wheelchair user with a history of volunteering in the museum and heritage sector including: Shire Hall (Dorchester), Salisbury Museum, Kingston Lacy (National Trust), Sherborne Museum, and Blandford Museum. She has worked in voluntary roles ranging from Educational assistant, Collections and Interpretation assistance, and as a Disabled access manager. Her long-term goal is to have a part-time job with a heritage organisation, while also running her access consultancy.




Chloe participated in The Early Careers Network Programme comprising business skills development, marketing and self-promotion, managing money – budgets, tax, evaluation, impact and diversity, leadership and presentation skills. The training provided through this programme has helped Chloe gain the skills needed to achieve her goals of progressing within the heritage sector.


‘My confidence and ability to market my skills have improved to enable me to get two part time jobs.  I have met some amazing people, had a great place to discuss ideas. It has been transformative.  ‘



Chloe is now confident pitching and marketing herself as an Access Heritage Consultant, and has secured freelance mapping research work around disability for The Museum Service. She is a participant in the Board Diversity Programme as trainee trustee and working part time with The National Trust.


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Photo Credit: Gina Bolt