The Dorset Tourism Association (DTA) is offering FREE membership to all Dorset’s cultural organisations. We warmly encourage you to take advantage of the offer and benefit from being ahead of the curve in tourism matters.

As members you are able to

  • attend an annual conference
  • gain access to shared information about Dorset’s visitors,
  • and be invited to take part in other activities, more benefits

In line with this, Culture+ Tourism is working closely with DTA to build partnerships and networks, and it was good to see so many representatives of the Cultural sector at the DTA’s inaugural conference last March.

Both Dorset’s tourism and cultural sectors include a large number of small and medium sized businesses, with similar aims and similar issues.  Both aim to attract visitors to the area, and both aspire to give these visitors the best possible experience while they are here.  Culture+ Tourism aims to build on these similarities, creating partnerships between tourism and cultural organisations, so that they can share expertise and be stronger together.

So if you would like to join (for free!) please do contact Jacky Thorne, Culture+ Tourism Lead,