Grace Hancock is a young composer, vocalist, pianist based on the Dorset border who was looking for ways to start a career in composing and was in need of pointers and contacts in the music and cultural sector.

Having graduated with her music performance degree in 2013 Grace found it difficult to know where to begin in getting her music to the right ears. After initial contact with Culture+ Grace secured 1-2-1 mentoring with a Culture+ advisor.

Grace Playing Ukulele

The first step was for Grace to attend some workshops which included ‘Business Planning’ and ‘Sales & Promotion for Composers, Musicians & Bands’. Once Grace had adopted the knowledge, tips and tricks from these workshops the mentoring began.

With support from Culture+ Grace is now focusing on different avenues of revenue and already composing music for stock-music distribution. She is developing her home studio, so she can adopt better music production, and was even commissioned by Culture+ to create a jingle for a podcast.

Though Grace feels that she has a long journey ahead her self-esteem, courage, ambition and drive has increased considerably. Her music goes from strength to strength and we continue to advise her on her musical ambitions. One to watch out for!

If you want to find out more about Grace, read our interview with her. 

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Photo by:Charlene Borg