Ask any visitor why they travel to Dorset, and two answers will never be the same.  Some will travel to see the Jurassic Coast, the scenery and the landscape.  Some will come for the beach, or sports, or an activity holiday; to see a show, or shop, or visit places of historical significance.

A recent trend sees visitors wanting to ‘live like locals,’ exploring the hidden parts of Dorset to see things that are different or unusual or lovely to look at – and of course eating local food and drink. A visitor will want to experience everything while in Dorset – both what they expect to find, and the unexpected that it can offer.

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The many delights of Dorset

The best thing about (and biggest problem with) Dorset is that it is huge place, with each area having its own flavour and attraction. Everywhere you go there is heritage, links with literature, places to visit, things to see, shops and galleries, festivals of art and food (and sometimes both), and of course entertainment of all sorts in venues and spaces of all kinds.  Anyone who wants more information will ask the first person that they think may know – and if you are in any kind of customer-facing role, that could be you.

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How well do you know Dorset?

So how much do you know about the county in which you live and work?  If asked, could you or your staff confidently describe an event going on in the next week or so?  Do you know the location of famous landmarks in the county, what each region offers and how it is different?

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There is so much in Dorset, it is difficult to know everything.  To help new employees, or those who would simply like a reminder, our Culture+ Tourism strand has produced a free booklet that gives an overview of the county to help you and your staff provide added value to your visitors experience.

Become a Dorset Ambassador

Dorset Ambassador is packed full of where, and when, different events and landmarks are situated; the booklet gives insight into what makes up Dorset’s culture – what makes it unique, and why people want to visit. It divides Dorset up into north, east and west – and several points in between – and even has a handy fold out map for reference.

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So, if you are new to the county, need a refresher for your team – or out of touch with the wealth of everything that is going on – contact us for your FREE printed copy.  Or you can download a copy here.

If you run a venue, arts organisation or cultural attraction in Dorset why not sign up to one of our free Culture+ workshops that offers a comprehensive guide on how to provide the best visitor experience: