We caught up with Nathalie Moore, Bournemouth illustrator and designer who created our Culture+ branding, to talk about what life has been like since graduating:

How long have you been a freelance designer and illustrator?

I have worked as a freelance illustrator and designer since graduating from Arts University Bournemouth in 2014. It sounds scary to think about it now as time seems to go really quickly after graduating, especially if you don’t have a set plan in place.  It took me a while to work out which direction I wanted to go in initially, but once I worked out my niche as an illustrator and designer, things seemed to go a lot smoother.

Since graduating you decided to stay in Dorset. How have you found that in relation to your creative career?

I could have gone to London where creative opportunities would have been easier to come by, but at the time I was keen to stay in Dorset as my partner was still studying. Part of me also wanted to prove that you didn’t need to go to London to make it as a creative. I spent time gaining experience as a graphic designer with various agencies across the county and also spent time doing small freelance illustration jobs. It took a while, but I feel I am now achieving my goals.

Nathalie Moore selling her wares at a London craft fair last year.

Nathalie Moore selling her wares at a London craft fair last year.

Tell us a bit more about your own illustration project NATCAT.

NATCAT’s were created for people that are not able to have real cats (like myself) either because of allergies or living in rented accommodation for example. They are small pocket sized cat figurines initially made from polymer clay and are now all made of porcelain.

They make the purr-fect cat companion and make great gifts for cat lovers. All the NATCAT’s come with their own adoption certificates where the owner can choose a name for it.

NATCAT illustration displayed on products.

NATCAT illustration prints on various products Nathalie sells at craft fairs.

What are your favourite creative hubs in Dorset?

Boscombe seems to be where I tend to spend most of my time. Myself and four other girls have a studio space called The Factory Shop, which is split into both studio space and a shop area, where we sell handmade goods from locally sourced artists. I also spent a lot of time at TheFactory Studios (Haviland Road) where I go to a weekly ceramics session and network with other artists.

Nathalie with other creatives at The Factory Shop in Boscombe.

Nathalie with other creatives at The Factory Shop in Boscombe.

Do you have a particular creative or designer you aspire to?

Louise Lockhart A.K.A. The Printed Peanut. I love her quirky hand-rendered style and her
beautiful use of colour. I have watched over the years how she’s grown her brand and really
admire how successful she has become despite being a one-woman-band.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years time I would like to be earning my sole income from my NATCAT brand. Eventually I’d love to be collaborating with other well known creatives, whilst continuing to work as a freelance designer on vibrant and exciting projects all over the world.




Thanks Nat! And best of luck with NATCAT. Find out more about Nathalie’s work here.


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