Following completion of a law degree, Rowan has been writing and performing across Bristol and Dorset for 10 years. She joined the Culture+ Early Careers network recently on her return to Weymouth.  Rowan has been a member of Activate Youth Board and is keen to build her confidence to progress her portfolio.


Rowan Hedley



‘I’m taking control of my own journey!’



Rowan participated in The Early Careers Final Networking event,  as well as the Build your own Website Training.  She is participating in the Board Diversity Training pilot project that includes a match making and training service to help Boards to diversify and explore alternative organisational and Board leadership models for Dorset.


Rowan is preparing to join the Activate Performing Arts Board.    She has built her own website and is writing and performing her own work, as well as putting out regular blog posts and podcast episodes.


You can find more of what Rowan is doing via her website:



Photo credit: Gina Bolt