Russ is a visual artist with a studio based at St Michaels Trading estate in Bridport, but in July 2018 the trading estate caught fire and many artists that had studios there lost their work and unable to re-accommodate their studios. Russ was one of these fire victims.

Like the Phoenix out of the ashes Russ worked hard to build up his portfolio and business, and with the help of Culture+ accessed our 1-2-1 mentoring service to help develop his art-based enterprise.

Russ Snedker standing in front of his artwork

Focusing on promotion and sales Russ and his advisor worked to develop a new plan so his business could enter a new era. Providing advice, direction and brokerage Culture+ helped Russ build up more confidence for the future and now Russ has secured a new art studio at St Michaels.

Since then Russ’s work has gone from strength to strength and with the aid of Culture+ he has received a Digital Capability Grant form Dorset Growth Hub to develop his online presence and ecommerce.

Since the fire Russ has exhibited in some high-profile galleries including ones in London; has been invited to exhibit his work Shibuya station in Tokyo this November and invited to an art residency in Rome. Clear evidence that with personal and business support from Culture+ Russ’s determination to succeed is ever greater.

Visit Russ’s new works and portfolio at: