If you work in the arts and culture sector, you are a part of the creative economy and if you have expectations of having a successful career as a professional artist or maker, it’s time to begin thinking of yourself as a small business.

This doesn’t mean changing who you are as an artist, and it doesn’t mean becoming an expert in finance or marketing. What it does mean is taking responsibility for your career choices, and the decisions and actions that support (or do not support) your professional career as an artist or maker.

Great ideas don’t always start out with a ‘plan’. In fact, most of the best ideas never came out of having one. But, when a small business wishes to grow or change it needs a road map to follow. Every successful business develops a business plan at some point.

What goes in a business plan?

Business plans are about setting goals, taking actionable steps to meet business objectives, and creating milestones to measure success along the way. You don’t have to be a business professional to do this effectively. Creating an action plan is just about being clear about what you want and making the commitment to go after it.

It does not matter what style you use to create your business plan, but what every plan does require is a way to communicate what your business is all about.

When you are asked to deliver fresh ideas to the people you want to collaborate with, or to people who will invest in your ideas, you are expected to present a business plan.

The purpose of this is to:

  • clearly communicate why your business is unique,
  • describe the landscape that surrounds your business,
  • explain the philosophies that drive your company,
  • present the goals you expect to achieve.
  • It also helps forecast what cash, loan or investment you need to achieve your goals.

How do I write my own business plan?

We are holding regular Business Planning workshops throughout the county that are free to attend if you are based in Dorset, Bournemouth or Poole.  You will get hands-on advice, templates and easy-to-understand ways to get your business plan up and running in no time.

Sign-up here:

Business Planning for Artists and Creatives  | Thu 27 Sep | Bournemouth

Business Planning for Artists and Creatives | Mon 15 Oct | Portland

Business Planning for Artists and Creatives |Thu 15 Nov | Poole