What is Culture+?

Culture+ was a free programme of activities that supported artists, creatives, arts and cultural organisations to thrive in Dorset, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. From March 2017 to October 2019. Funded by the Arts Council England (ACE) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


We did this through workshops, talks and mentoring professionals. Alongside direct development with artists, we developed a library of resources and template to help creatives with their enterprises.

What did it achieve?

We supported more than 450 artists and arts organisations from across the region to develop. From our support some became a business, some were able to gain further funding, and others developed new products to offer to their customer.

70% of the creatives who attended our workshops felt that they have considerably increased their knowledge.

60 % of the creatives said that they are more confident because our workshops.

Culture+ Report

These reports were written in December 2019 and may be updated early 2020 when we received data from the final evaluation of the programme from our Dorset Growth Hub lead partner- WSX enterprise.

Participants Demographic Data

Workshops and Events Report

One-to-one Mentoring Report

Early Career Creatives Network

Brittany Ferry Exhibition

Packaging a Town for Tourism


Brand Designs

Dorset Moon


Influencer Marketing and Museums

Influencer Marketing and Museums

When we talk about getting an audience, it is safe to say everyone knows how important marketing or publicity is for any business or organisation. Currently this includes, for the most part, press and media coverage. Whether it is mostly-filled- with-advertisements...


Popup Shop Toolkit: Budget planning

Popup Shop Toolkit: Budget planning

In this chapter, we look at budget planning i.e. what likely costs your popup shop will have and where your income is coming from to cover those costs.

Popup Shop Toolkit: Managing Risk

Popup Shop Toolkit: Managing Risk

In this chapter of our Pop-Up Shop Toolkit, we talk about managing risk with your project including free risk assessment templates to use for your popup.

Popup Shop Toolkit: Plan your space

Popup Shop Toolkit: Plan your space

In this chapter we look at curating your popup shop space. High street retailers spend a lot of time making their shops look good – you can achieve similar standards on a budget by being creative.