Working in partnership with Crafts Council UK, we have created a Year Planner for artists and makers to support your creative business development.

‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Arts Development Company to provide artists and makers valuable top tips and a free tool to plan the year ahead; use for consecutive years and support creative people to have sustainable businesses.’  Caroline Jackman, Talent Development Manager, Crafts Council UK

How to use this planner

This free printable year planner has been designed to be used at any stage in the year and will steer you in developing and sustaining a successful creative business.

It includes:

  • Year planner by month – Use these pages to define your goals in more detail each season.
  • Top Tips – Theses are some important things to consider with your creative business to keep you motivated throughout the year.
  • Year planner at a glance – Use this to map out your goals and events throughout the year on one page.
  • Events – Notable national and international trade and craft fairs to attend or exhibit.

Whatever stage you are in your practice it is always worth reflecting on how far you have come and what you still need to put in place to enable your practice to grow.  Therefore, we recommend you use this planner each year to set some achievable targets.

TIP: Keep these planners for future years to look back on your goals and see how much you have achieved.

Here are some tips to get you started with your planner

Set goals

  • Set immediate; short and long-term goals.  Setting goals can always be done at any time of the year.
  • Do a quick review of your practice. For example, what areas are missing or need development?
  • Now you can set some short and long-term goals to help you focus and get to where you want to be with your business.

Be realistic

  • Don’t plan for planning sake. In other words, make sure you set achievable goals.
  • Make sure they are time bound and set deadlines.

Take action

  • If you need help with motivation, chat to others. Friends, family or fellow makers for instance can help you realise your actions for the next few months.
  • Set up an accountability partner with another maker. This could be a maker in your studio group or a part of a member organisation you are linked with, for instance. As a result, this helps support you with your practice and helps you stay focused.

Download your free year planner here

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