Dorset Coastal Connections

Our coastline is a busy place and provides many things to different groups of people. Local communities should feel a sense of belonging and connection to their home, tourists need to feel welcomed and cared for and the coast should be sustainably maintained.

We’re currently working on ‘Dorset Coastal Connections’ with Dorset Coast Forum, a series of projects that aim to improve physical, digital and emotional connections between both residents and visitors and the spectacular Dorset Coast.

How we’re involved

Our Environments Lead Cleo has found artists, designers and makers for each project through open calls and works closely with them to realise their ideas. She also helps to organise public consultations to ensure people can help shape and develop the projects.


Our Impact

1. River Lim walk, Lyme Regis. It’s important we create spaces that sustain and benefit our natural environment. We commissioned designer and maker Alice Blogg to create sustainable seating and animal homes inspired by the history of the town mill.

2. Litter free campaign (displayed August 2019). 8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans every day. We commissioned designer Jack Raisey to create some challenging, temporary sculptures for four beaches in Dorset to show how we can combat our plastic waste.

3. West Bay Welcome Hub. Public spaces should bring people together and create a space for everyone to use. We’re working with renowned artist Michael Pinsky and the local community to create a more inclusive and social meeting point with motorcycle parking, seating and planting.

4. Fossil Forest, Lyme Regis (completing December 2019). We want everyone to enjoy the fossilised remains of a 145 million-year-old forest. We’re making this historical landmark more accessible by repairing the staircase and installing seating, a display of fossilised wood and information panels.

5. Norden playground. People of all ages need public spaces. We commissioned Andy Frost to design and build a wooden playground inspired by the local history, and refurbished the nearby facilities and car park.

6. Shore Road Promenade and 7. Branksome Chine Promenade. First impressions count. We’re working with artist Amanda Moore to design and create a more welcoming plaza at two popular gateways to Poole’s beaches.

8. Avon Beach Promenade. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. With landscape designer Aileen Shakell, we raised the promenade to better protect it from winter storms, widened the path to accomodate
more people and raised the beach to maintain the level access.

9. Zig Zag path, Highcliffe. After the original path was closed because of structural concerns, we worked with landscape designer Aileen Shackell to rebuild and redesign a popular path to Highcliffe beach. The new, modern design is more complementary of its surroundings and is built from Bournemouth’s recycled groynes.

10. Beach Shelters, Highcliffe. We’re supporting artist Amanda Moore to sympathetically renovate and improve Highcliffe’s beach shelters. The original architecture will be carefully restored and new landscaping and seating will create a more open, friendly and accessible space for everyone.