Gerakan Kreabilitas or Creability Movement is a project we are working on with Indonesian Creative Enterprise – Ketemu Project. The collaboration brings together diverse creatives, empowers disabled creatives to design and produce marketable products and services, and encourages creative enterprises to work and develop disabled friendly workforce mainly in Indonesia.

We aim to raise awareness, stimulate discussion, effect a change in perceptions, and prove the value of people with disabilities in the economy in Indonesia, UK and globally through this project. 

The project has been awarded British Council’s Developing Inclusive Economy (DICE) Programme Grant, running from March 2019 to March 2020.

We are going to do this through:


In Indonesia

  • Residential design thinking for 30 Creative Enterprises/Individuals
  • Creative incubation & mentorship for 5 chosen projects, products or services
  • Products and services development

In The UK

  • Business Skills Workshops for disabled creatives by Culture+ Programme
  • Creative incubation and mentoring developing services/products alongside the Indonesian delegates

We will be producing toolkits & resources from our experiences that we hope will help others working on similar projects.

Our Funder

British Council DICE Fund

The fund is set up to tackle entrenched issues of unemployment and unequal economic growth in 6 countries. It support the development of creative and social enterprises through partnerships between UK organisations and counterparts in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa.

Partnerships that are specifically aims to:

  • empower women and girls;
  • foster youth employment; and/or
  • promote the inclusion and economic empowerment of disabled people or other marginalised groups.

Gerakan Kreabilitas is one of 6 projects that has been awarded the fund in Indonesia.

Our Partner

Ketemu Project

Ketemu Project is an art organisation and social enterprise hybrid based in Bali – Indonesia that uses art in fun and accessible way to support disabled people.

Ketemu co-create, with disabled participants, products and services that inspire creativity, inclusiveness and empowerment.