As part of our The Good Life project, we commissioned Dorset-based printmaker, Jen Vincent, to create a work of art that reflects on living through Covid-19. Jen chose to work with children from Blandford Forum and explore their experience of lockdown, and the fantastic results can be seen in Inside Outside Rah Rah Rah – A Tale of Locckdown, which has now been published.

Jen held creative workshops, giving local children a creative outlet to reflect and respond to the time they spent at home during the first lockdown. The book is inspired and beautifully illustrated by the children she worked with.

In December 2020, sandwiched between two national Lockdowns, I embarked on a journey of discovery, meeting with local families to listen to their stories of Lockdown. I had the honour of meeting with twenty children, it became clear to me that amidst the boredom, homeschooling and missing social connection, they had also really enjoyed spending quality time with their families. It was apparent that as we move forward and find a new normal living with Covid-19, the children wanted to ensure that regular and intentional family time became a staple of everyday life.

Jen Vincent

Inside Outside Rah Rah Rah is available for purchase here. For every book purchased, Jen will donate one copy to the local Foodbank.

To find out more about Jen’s work, visit her Facebook or Instagram pages.