The Arts Development Company is recruiting a new chief executive (CEO). Mike Hoskin, who has led the community interest company since its formation in 2015, is retiring from the role. He will continue to work for TADC in a part-time role after the new chief is appointed.

Mike said: ‘This is obviously a big change and one that has required much thought. I am convinced that it is the right move for the company and for me.’

Bold and pioneering

Matt Little, chair of the board of trustees and a founding director of the Real Ideas Organisation, said: ‘Mike has been brave and inspirational in leading the set-up of TADC. He has helped keep arts and culture foregrounded in challenging times. He and Dorset County Council are to be congratulated for enabling such a bold and pioneering project.’


The new CEO will be taking over at an exciting time: ‘This transition is part of our succession planning and will take us into a new phase,’ added Matt.

‘We’re looking for someone with a strong business background, experience of social enterprise and a commitment to making a difference in Dorset using the power of creativity. Someone who strongly believes that putting arts and culture at the heart of people’s lives changes things for the better, both economically and socially.’

Positive social change

The move is part of TADC’s planned development. The company launched two years ago when Dorset County Council’s arts team ‘spun out’ from the local authority. It’s the only arts development organisation in the UK to begin this way. TADC aims to inspire positive social change through creativity and collaboration. It seeks to find new ways of working, helping creative businesses to set up and making a difference to lives and communities through arts and culture.

In the last year alone, TADC has supported 78 individual Dorset-based artists and creative practitioners. It has provided training for more than 250 people. It has invested nearly £200,000 directly into the county’s arts and culture economy. The Short Breaks programme has provided 120 days of support providing creative activities for children with special educational needs, giving their parents and carers a break. By managing dementia-friendly arts workshops, TADC has contributed to older people’s wellbeing. TADC is playing a leading part in stimulating Dorset’s economy through a three-year programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The total investment of all its projects in Dorset from 2015 to 2019 is more than £1.6m.

New investment fund

Once the new CEO is in post, Mike Hoskin will be taking on a part-time role with the company. He will deliver two key pieces of work that will have a positive impact on the sector in Dorset. One is the transition of the local councils to unitary status. He said: ‘My new role will allow me to focus on this issue. I will do all I can to ensure that Dorset continues to benefit from the diverse returns on investment in art, culture and creativity.’

Mike will also be working with Matt Little as well as company accountant and board trustee Jane Webster. They will be focusing on a new investment fund for the arts sector in Dorset. This pioneering initiative recently received some seed money from the government.

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