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Deadline 5pm, Thursday 15th November 2018



Up to four artist/designers/makers will be shortlisted and commissioned for an inclusive fee of £500 (including expenses) to develop their ideas and present these to the selection panel. The panel will choose one artist/designer from the shortlisted applicants.

The appointed artist will receive fee £7,500 and this is inclusive of design, materials, installation and all other expenses.

Location Swanage Tourist Information Centre, Dorset



Litter Free Coast and Sea are looking to appoint an artist for the concept, development, design and creation of a new interactive display at the Swanage Tourist Information Centre. The display will communicate the key messages of the campaign and will allow visitors and residents to engage with and learn about the issues facing the coast and how they can support clean beaches and seas.

We are working with Swanage Town Council, who will house the finished model on the project. Expected completion is March 2019.

Requirements Main physical requirements

  •  The model will be designed to fit a specific space in the Swanage Tourist Information Centre,
  • The model must be easy to move so it can be placed outside on busy days to attract more attention and visitors.
  • The model must fit through the doorway of the centre which measures 2m by 75cm.
  • The model will need to withstand sun and occasional rain; it will not be put outside in the rain but it could get caught in a shower.
  • The model needs to be self-contained and safe to use alone without supervision. For example; It cannot rely on someone filling up a tank with water after every time it is used, and it cannot only work when plugged in.

Main requirements for content

We do not wish for the model to be a showcase of all the problems affecting the coast but a way of highlighting the areas people can really contribute. It also needs to be a celebration of Swanage beach and why it is worth looking after.

There are several take home actions we like people to leave the model feeling inspired and motivated to change their behaviour and therefore look after Swanage. These are:

Fats oils and greases in the drainage network

Put cooking fats and oils in the food waste bin and not down the sink. We are working on a campaign to encourage correct disposal of these foodstuffs and divert them from the sewage system. Fats, oils and greases (FOG) from kitchens and wet wipes and other non-flushables are clogging up the grates and membranes in the local sewage treatment works and this stops them treating the sewage properly. This increases the risk of a combined sewage overflow spill if the sewage treatment works is overwhelmed and has reduced capacity. The campaign will aim to reduce the effect of this problem by encouraging proper disposal of FOG.

Plastics in the sea

encourage reuse, refill, hire. There is sadly a disposable culture particularly amongst holiday makers with many inflatables, chairs, buckets and spades, toys and other paraphernalia being left behind on the beach. We would like to encourage hiring items, taking home or creative play without all of the plastic toys.

Fishing line

a hugely popular pastime alongside crabbing, however unfortunately this activity is responsible for a large volume of fishing line and hooks being discarded, particularly on the pier.

Cigarette butts

encourage correct disposal


from seagulls and dogs. discourage feeding birds and encourage picking up after your dog.

Only rain down the drain

rubbish and other waste being put down the drains along the seafront mistakenly or intentionally ends up on the beach after rainfall. There is a general lack of awareness that many road gullies and surface water rains lead straight to a beach or watercourse untreated or filtered.


Encouraging visitors to take home their rubbish if the bins are full

We would like the artist to come up with an interactive way of communicating these messages within the model and to make it fun for all ages to engage with. It would be good for the artist to consider eye heights of the different age ranges interacting with the model in their design to get the right level of messaging for each age group.

It is important that the take home messages and actions come across clearly within the model but this needs to be done is a very non preachy way. The Litter Free Coast and Sea team would help with any wording needed for the display/model. However, we would like it to be quite text light overall.

Who is eligible? This commission is open to artists, makers and designers of all ages from anywhere in the U.K.

How to apply


 Please send the following information to

  • Initial approach and very broad possible concepts should be presented in a document of up to 4 sides.
  • A separate CV (in PDF format) outlining your skills, relevant experiences and previous projects.
  •  Up to 6 jpeg images of previous, relevant projects, installations or other displays.



Important dates


  • Shortlisting will take place on Tuesday 20th November 2018
  • Site visits for up to four shortlisted artists will take place on the 27th November 2-4pm
  • Presentations will be held on the 11th December where the four artists will be asked to present their concepts with far more detail. The final decision will be made on the strength of those submissions.  Artists must be able to attend the above two dates.
  • The appointed artist will be informed by Monday 17th December
  • The work has to be completed and installed by the end of March 2019

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For more information please email

This project is part of the Swanage campaign ‘Love our Beach’ and it is being run by Litter Free Coast and Sea.