The Arts Development Company – Culture+ Programme is looking to appoint an arts and culture festival production company/or companies to programme/produce and manage three major arts and culture events in 2019.


  • Stimulate a concrete collaboration between the tourism sector and arts and culture sector in Dorset
  • Clarify and strengthen links between the tourism and arts and culture offer
  • Encourage visitors to Dorset to recognise Dorset’s strong arts and culture offer
  • Extend visitor stay in Dorset beyond the traditional peak holiday periods


The tender is open to one company or a collaboration of several different companies/organisations with a lead company with the following criteria

  • The company/ies or staff responsible for the project must have experience of at least fifteen years of arts or culture festival delivery in Dorset
  • Must have extensive experience and understanding of the art and culture sector in Dorset
  • They should understand the tourism sector/visitors to Dorset

For more details of the brief, criteria, and requirement please download this PDF.

Submission Deadline: 10 November 2017

Culture+ is funded by Arts Council England and the European Regional Development Fund. It is providing support for the creative industry strand of the Dorset Growth Hub programme lead by WSX Enterprise  working with partners Silicon South, YTKO and DORMEN.