Schools, colleges and universities are closed again, and education is back online and in our homes. But this time round we’re all aware of the issues of big data bills, limited at-home resources and screen fatigue.
We’ve rounded up five of the best online resources for creative learning that won’t leave you with a giant data bill, require a late-night panic buy of paints, or have you sat in front of a screen all day.
64 Million Artists: The January Challenge
For all ages
Find them on Instagram throughout January:
Don’t let the word ‘challenge’ put you off, these prompts will give you quick, fun ways to boost your mood and wellbeing. Pick and choose the ones you like the sound of and enjoy a moment of fun, and they use things you will already have. We’re particularly excited about making a rainbow from items in our homes.
For primary and secondary school students
AccessArt have put together some of their free online resources that focus on drawing and simple construction using things you will most likely already have at home. For some of them all you will need is a pencil or pen, and paper. Even the back of an envelope would work.
Some of these resources do include videos, but you can follow the three DrawAble activities (…/) using without watching the videos and using the detailed instructions and images underneath each video.
Freedom & Balance
For ages 5 – 25 (each resource specifies an age)
Creativity is an approach to thinking, making and understanding that extends well beyond a painting, performance or poem. Freedom & Balance teach an attitude to art that will give you tools, knowledge and skills for your professional, personal and social lives. In their own words:
“We believe that an Art College done well can help you ask the right questions in new ways, in a wold that is ever-changing and in need of solutions.”
Their resources are available as text and images on webpages and downloadable PDFs. Their blog is also full of insight and inspiration.
Blurt Foundation
For all ages
Our current situation can take a toll on our minds, and can particularly cause stress, anxiety and depression. Blurt Foundation have created some beautiful, down-to-earth downloadables to help you cope. Plus, the way they write feels like you’re talking to a friend.
Photopedagogy and ArtPedagogy
For Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level students
You can always rely on PhotoPedagogy and ArtPedagogy for a playful and creative curriculum for key stage 3, GCSE and A-Level students. We recommend their two lockdown resources ‘Couch to Artist’ and ‘Photography in Lockdown.’
Not only do they give students and teachers experimental prompts and activites, but they talk honestly about the obstacles students face and how to overcome them. Plus they encourage a healthy and exciting attitude to art, photography and creativity that goes beyond chasing grades.
If you, or someone you know, is unable access technology and the internet for online learning, and they’re a student at a school, you can find out about all the Government support here:
Please be aware only Local Authorities, Schools and Academies can apply for the support, but you can see what’s available and then chat to the appropriate school or council.