ADC plays an integral role in the What Next? Dorset Chapter, part of the national movement bringing together freelancers and small and large arts organisations to inform, debate and shape the future of the arts and culture.

The pandemic has brought those questions to the forefront, and during many conversations in the What Next? Dorset group at the start of the pandemic, we asked how can we commission differently and improve ways of working for both organisations and artists.

The result was our pilot project The Good Life, for which we commissioned three emerging Dorset Artists to create works of art that reflected on living through COVID-19, working with producers and ADC Associates Gemma Alldred and Megan Dunford.

In a special What’s Next? Dorset meeting, online on Wednesday 14 July at 2pm, we will share the valuable learning we made together during the course of the project, and offer insights into small changes that can make big differences.

Facilitated by Gemma and Megan, and joined by the three commissioned artists, there will be a series of short presentations, followed by discussion and Q&A opportunities.

We will feedback some of our learning, which used the Five Guiding Principles framework, established by the South West Freelance Task Force.

If you would like to find out more about What Next? Dorset or join the chapter, please visit or