In the U.K, 1 in 5 women develop mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year after childbirth. Social isolation, post-natal depression and anxiety are common for new families, and access to effective help is vital. We help to tackle this in Dorset by supporting Babigloo, a programme that improves the mental health of parents, carers and their babies through music making.

Babigloo Music for Babies (or Babigloo for short) is an approach to early years music-making for the very youngest children (under one year) and their mothers or carers. It is the brainchild of Jenny Gordon, a Dorset-based musician, who saw a need for quality musical provision to support new parents who were experiencing anxiety and low-level post-natal depression.

TADC provides business development support to broker new links for the Babigloo team. We’re also creating a new promotional video which will demonstrate their social impact.

Babigloo 2020/21

Babigloo completed the latest programme despite facing the challenges of the pandemic.  The programme successfully engaged with 27 families, all of whom have babies under 1 year old.  We welcomed our youngest ever participant who began at just four weeks old! 

The programme provided a mix of online and socially distanced group sessions to keep the music going for families even when lockdown prevented many activities taking place.  Music leaders Colin and Michele adapted their approach and used inventive methods to continue to provide props and resources to families. 

Read a Case Study of Babigloo 2020/21 here.
Read the Babigloo Evaluation Report 2020/21 here.

Our impact

In 2018/2019, 61 families engaged in the programme. For every £1 spent, £40 was returned as social impact benefits, generating a total of £403,000 of net social benefit. (To calculate these numbers, we used the Mental Health Social Value Calculator and analysed two parents who were experiencing anxiety.)

Out of 30 parents asked…

  • 91% agree Babigloo has increased their confidence
  • 100% improved their wellbeing
  • 89% believe it has helped with their child’s development
  • And 100% feel it has improved the parent-child bond


Our project lead, Hannah Baker, wrote an article outlining the benefits of this programme. Read it here.
A Case Study of the an earlier participant in the programme was published on Youth Music Network. Read it here.