Together with project partner Ketemu we are hosting a new online group for disabled artists working in the South West of England area, and in Indonesia. TADC and Ketemu are DICE Digital Partners in this project funded by the British Council’s Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) Digital R&D Fund.

The programme will connect disabled artists in the South-West of England, helping them to network with other creatives, explore their practice and contribute to an online community. We will host regular online meet-ups using Zoom and find additional digital methods to connect, creating a friendly, welcoming space where there is mutual respect for each other.

At points during the programme we will connect with a parallel group of disabled artists working in Indonesia hosted by Ketemu. Together we will be developing new work and exploring working processes and techniques leading up to a final celebratory sharing event at the end of the programme.

The DICE Digital R&D Fund

The DICE Digital R&D Fund is supporting the co-development and delivery of 20 Digital Experiences, co-designed by 20 pairs of organisations known as the DICE Digital Partners. True to the experimental spirit of DICE, these Digital Experiences range in their approach and are delivered by different types of organisations in six countries. Collectively, however, they are addressing economic exclusion through creativity, enterprise and social impact.