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What is it like being a young refugee?

The Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) presents a podcast on the false and harmful stereotypes that refugees confront. It seeks to change the narrative about immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. KRAN works with separated young refugee and asylum seekers also known as UASC’s (unaccompanied asylum seeking and refugee minors).

Five young KRAN Youth Ambassadors describe their reality, made worse by common myths about who they are and what they seek. They share their experiences to help stop prejudice, racism, and discrimination towards refugees and asylum seekers.

The young refugees tell their stories from experience and show how stereotypes create the difference between crisis and hope. Mayor of Folkestone, Michelle Keutenius joins the conversation to reflect on how towns can make things better.

Being a Young Refugee

by Kent Refugee Action Network | Act for Change Together Festival

This podcast was originally published as part of the Act For Change Together Festival in July 2021. This online festival was the culmination of the Act For Change Together project, uniting 32 youth activism organisations from across the UK. The project was funded by the Act For Change Fund and the festival was co-produced by The Arts Development Company.

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