being trans (podcast) title

How would you feel if your very existence was being debated, ridiculed and judged everyday? And if it wasn’t just the expected crowds, but people who you love and share a community with?

This is how gender-queer, non-binary and trans people feel. Even within the LGBTQIA+ community there is a lot of misunderstanding and exclusion towards trans people.

In this podcast, Comics Youth CIC are joined by Trans activist, founder of Nail Transphobia and broadcaster Charlie Craggs. Together they delve into those opinions and talk about how we can better educate people on the trans experience. They discuss what it truly means to be marginalised and how we can build safer, more inclusive communities – one conversation at a time.

We also get an exclusive peek into the new BBC3 documentary DIY Teens!

Being Trans

by Comics Youth/Charlie Craggs | Act for Change Together Festival

This podcast was originally published as part of the Act For Change Together Festival in July 2021. This online festival was the culmination of the Act For Change Together project, uniting 32 youth activism organisations from across the UK. The project was funded by the Act For Change Fund and the festival was co-produced by The Arts Development Company.

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