As part of our My Creative Life project we are pleased to present three videos which lead through a creative craft activity each. These activities are designed for community or social groups, care homes, or individuals. They require a minimum of simple resources and can be completed without any prior knowledge of the subject. The videos are no longer than 20 minutes.  They are a fun and creative way of learning new skills and a great opportunity to socialise in a group!

The videos are presented by Maria Gayton from the Dorset History Centre, one of our project partners. Here she is introducing the activities and the background:

Making a Green Man Plaque


To make a Green Man plaque you will need:
A portion of salt dough (recipe below; or modelling clay, or traditional clay)
Cutlery including a blunt knife and a fork
A small to medium sized plate
A piece of baking paper slightly larger than your plate
Water colour or poster paint and a brush

It is best to make the creations on a piece of baking paper so they can go straight into the microwave or oven.

Recipe for microwave salt dough
You will need:
a cup of plain flour
half a cup of table salt
1/3 to 1/2 cup of water – add slowly
a mixing bowl

Making a Traditional Dorset Button


To make a traditional Dorset Button you will need:
A ring, anything from 1.5-4 inches across – this could be a wooden curtain ring, or you could even make one from sturdy cardboard
Some wool
A thick, bluntish needle, like a darning needle

Making your own Handmade Book


To make your own handmade book you will need:
Some sheets of paper – plain, patterned or a mixture
Something sharp to make holes (e.g. a large needle or awl)
Thread, ribbon or string
Sturdy needle

Videos by Pageant Productions