Why should the tourism sector work with the cultural sector; and vice versa?

Through our Culture+ programme we have explored ways the tourism and culture sectors can work together for the benefit of both. We have looked at the importance of arts, culture and heritage to tourism strategies and how their positive economic and social impact attracts new and repeat visitors to Dorset.

From this learning, we have built a toolkit for tourism business and cultural organisations as a step-by-step guide to help develop their offer, attract new visitors and thrive as a sector in Dorset and beyond.

In this toolkit we will cover the following:

  • Cultural tourism – why is it important
  • The visitor experience and cultural audience experience in Dorset
  • Where do you start? A guide to an existing case study in Dorset 
  • Understanding your place and how to apply this toolkit to your town or community 
  • Understanding your visitor and audience
  • How to package your place for the ultimate cultural tourism experience
  • How your community can work together before the tourist arrives
  • How your community can work together during their visit 
  • How your community can work together after their visit 

This toolkit will be updated by our Culture+ Tourism lead Jacky Thorne over the coming months.