facebook has no standards campaign

Coventry Youth Activists found that each time they reported a post on Facebook citing hate speech towards disabled people, the response was that it didn’t breach Facebook’s Community Standards. How can Facebook have standards when they allow hate speech to remain on their platform?

Find out about the steps CYA took in managing the ongoing Facebook Has No Standards campaign – taking on Facebook and pushing them to change their reporting system to make the platform a safer place for disabled people.

In this podcast, CYA boldly and colourfully invite you to understand the world from a different perspective and find out more about how they campaign to make positive change.

Listen to their stories of times people have made assumptions about them because of their disability, find out why they’re putting Nick Clegg in a giant game of Where’s Wally and what part you can play a part in making sure all social media platforms are a safe place for everyone, because they are a lifeline to many.

Click here to find out¬†more about CYA’s ¬†Facebook Has No Standards campaign and the petition.

#FacebookHasnostandards campaign

by Coventry Youth Activists - Grapevine | Act for Change Together Festival

This podcast was originally published as part of the Act For Change Together Festival in July 2021. This online festival was the culmination of the Act For Change Together project, uniting 32 youth activism organisations from across the UK. The project was funded by the Act For Change Fund and the festival was co-produced by The Arts Development Company.

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