We often find ourselves at lost when trying to find the right photographic images for our communications, despite the variety of projects we delivered and great work we commissioned. We know and are pretty sure quite a lot of other organisations are in the same position as us. Understanding this, we decided to follow the example of many big brands such as Google, Survey Monkey, We transfer, etc to use illustrations to portray our stories and resources.

To do this we commissioned mostly students and graduates from our local Arts University Bournemouth. We gave them clear briefs, the results have been brilliant.  We would really recommend anyone looking to make their brand look different to commission any of these illustrators.

Beatrice Simpkiss

Illustration by Beatrice Simpkiss

Website and Instagram

Beatrix Hatcher

Illustrations by Beatrix Hatcher

Website and Instagram

Bel Burkil

Illustrations by Bel Burkill
 Website and Instagram

Bethany Lord

Illustrations by Bethany lord

Website and Instagram

Bridie Cheeseman

Multiple illustration project by Bridie Cheeseman

Website and Instagram

Octavia Bromell (Tink)

Illustrations by Octavia Bromell

Website and Instagram