As a musician or band its important that you tell the world about your activities so you can maximise your marketing and promotion activities. Creating a press release and sending links to video or music is one way to do this.

So, once you have all the material to send out about your latest tour, EP, video, album, festival feature, award or other interesting story you should send it to potential bloggers, magazines and other communication channels.

The first thing you need to do is research who to send it to and our top tip is to:

  • Create a document and title it according to the type of group e.g. music bloggers, music vloggers, magazines, etc.
  • Go to Google and then search for that group
  • Find links to those you wish to send your PR to and paste them into your document and save.
  • Be sure to copy names and address them by name if you can.
  • Now you have your own resources you can go back to each time you wish to submit your PR

Here are some search term examples:

  • ‘top music blogs 2018’ or 2019 etc. (let’s look at an example at:
  • Be genre specific such as ‘top hip hop music blogs’ (let’s look at an example:
  • ‘music magazine uk’ (let’s look at:
  • Search for ‘online music magazines uk’
  • Or ‘music review sites’
  • Even better: ‘rock music review sites’
  • Got a music video? Submit to vloggers by searching for ‘top music vloggers’

The above are just a few resources so do try other search terms and ensure you compile a list of music related print and digital sites you can send material to.

Here is free downloadable press release template

Want to know the top 200 music blogging sites?

Then why not download or ask us to deliver the workshop for you or group.