If you have a small business or creative enterprise you might want to think about setting up a Facebook Business Page to share who you are with a wider audience. Some small businesses create a Facebook Business page before they have set up their official website so they have somewhere to showcase their product or service professionally online.

We have pulled together a simple walk-through all about Facebook Business pages to help you get started.

Top points to consider for Facebook business pages:

  • It’s free to set up and use 
  • You can potentially access an audience of 1 billion people globally and 50 million other businesses who use this platform. Source: https://newsroom.fb.com/company-info/
  • It’s a great tool to share images, blog posts, create events and even sell your product or service.
  • You can also share contact information, opening hours, your logo and link to your website to your Business profile can act as a landing page for your company.
  • If you are considering creating an Instagram Business profile, you will need a Facebook business page to link from too.

Setting up your Facebook Page 

First you need to create your own Facebook profile before you can set up a business page, then select a ‘Create A Page’ which will then lead you through very simple steps to setting up your Business profile.

Facebook create a page screen shot

Decide what category your business or creative enterprise sits under. If you mainly sell products or offer a paid service you will likely be considered a business or a brand. If you are a voluntary group, collective or a charity or even a celebrity you should choose the community or public figure category.

From here, you can fill out your basic information like your type of sector, your company name and business address. Don’t worry, you can keep your company address private and just select the region of your business to be visible if you want to keep this out of public view. If you are a shop however, it’s a good idea to share your address so people can find you! 

Facebook create a page more detail screen shot

Once you choose your subcategory, enter your business or brand’s name and click “Get Started.” Facebook will then ask you to set up your Page’s additional details. Enter a description of your business, your website, custom URL and a profile photo.

Top Tip: Keep your custom URL short and easy to search for by your customers. You should aim to use the same name you use for your website and other social media platforms. Avoid numbers, special characters and other things that would make your business hard to search for on Facebook.

Choosing your profile picture and cover photo

Think carefully when choosing your profile picture and a cover photo for your business.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand to your target customers. If you already have a logo this is best placed as your profile picture so people immediately recognise your company when they search for you.

Facebook page Profile and Cover photo screenshot example

Your cover photo can be another place to share more insight into what you do as an image, video or illustrated graphic. Both the profile picture and cover photo has set dimensions so your images will need to fit to these to avoid looking pixelated or too big. Canva.com offers plenty of free templates with the correct dimensions to create your preferred image. You can also check the dimensions sizes in this handy tool from Sprout Social.

Create a call to action button

The next stage is getting your audience to ‘do’ something when they land on your page like sign up to a newsletter, visit your online shop or call your office. This is usually termed as a ‘call to action’.

Facebook offers plenty of choices of a call to action button to your business page such as: 

  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send Message
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Send Email

Facebook call to action button screenshot

Complete your About Us section 

The About section of any business page is one of the most visited parts of pages by users on Facebook. This section can immediately tell your customers about your company in more detail like when you started and what your main mission and aims are as a company. It is also the section to share your vital information like 

  • Your opening hours 
  • Your company address 
  • Your price range 
  • Website 
  • Other social media platforms your customers can find you

Facebook page About Us screen shot

Make sure your page settings are updated 

In this section you can edit your settings depending on how you want to manage your page with your followers going forward, like choosing if they can message you directly via the page and leave reviews or not. This is a good to do, especially since your response rate to customers is visible to everyone so they know you are a good business to communicate with (providing you answer messages in good time!) 

You will also need to make sure your Page Visibility is set to Page Published before you start promoting it.

Facebook page visibility settings page example

Start posting on your page

Now that all your setup is complete, you can start the fun stuff and post on your page!

It’s a good idea to start posting some interesting images and links to your website or online shop as well as some interesting information about you as a company so your followers can understand who you are what you do as a company straight away. 

Make the most of the different functionality in the pages such as 

  • Posting images and albums 
  • Create events 
  • Add job listings if you are hiring
  • Create an offer just for your Facebook followers e.g. a Christmas discount or free shipping with a code for a short period of time. 
  • Go live to your followers if you are at an event or want to chat to everyone in real time

An example of a Facebook business page post screenshot

Take a look at Postplanner’s list of 22 top Facebook post ideas here

Top Tip: If you are concerned about time management take a read of our Time Managing your Social Media effectively post here 

Get insights into how your posts are performing with your audience 

The advantage of setting up a business page on Facebook means you can access insights into how your posts are performing and how often and when your audience engages most. These insights should help you make better decisions with your future posts so you can reach a wider audience and engage better with your existing audience online.

This section can be found in the top tabs of your page under ‘Insights’. Here you will be able to see data from your page about:

  • Post Engagements
  • Organic Likes
  • Unlikes
  • Links Clicked
  • Page Impressions
  • Video Performance

Facebook insights screenshot

Stay fresh and relevant by getting inspiration from others 

Here are some Facebook business pages you might want to follow and be inspired by for your own pages: 

The Arts Development Company 

Crafty Fox Market 



An example of Threadless Facebook page

Boosting posts and Facebook Ads 

If you stick to engaging and consistent content on your page, you shouldn’t need to invest in paying for advertising on this platform to reach new followers. However, if you want to run a major online campaign, choosing to boost your posts or pay for a Facebook Ad might be something to consider. 

You can read more about boosting posts and Facebook Ads directly from Facebook here

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Illustration by Beatrice Simpkiss