Young people from The Warren Youth Project in Hull are joined by Detective Superintendent Simon Gawthorpe, who leads Stop and Search activity in Humberside and East Riding as part of his duties.

The Warren works with many young people who have been through the Stop and Search process. Many feel they have been stereotyped not only because of their race but also their age, appearance and gender. These experiences can affect individuals’ views of the police.

This round table podcast outlines these young people’s experiences and the responses from the police. It discusses what to do if you feel like you have been stopped and searched unfairly. 

Find out about what you can do to join the conversation and give feedback about Stop and Search to the police. 

Stop and Search discussion

by The Warren Youth Project | Act for Change Together Festival

This podcast was originally published as part of the Act For Change Together Festival in July 2021. This online festival was the culmination of the Act For Change Together project, uniting 32 youth activism organisations from across the UK. The project was funded by the Act For Change Fund and the festival was co-produced by The Arts Development Company.

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