Miguel creates striking designs in a wide range of colour palettes to uplift and rejuvenate any space. Combining his passion for photography and design. Coming from the print and design industry Miguel Issa is also a visual artist developing digitally based work around the complex designs of Mandalas.

Engaging with the Culture+ programme Miguel first started his growth plan by attending Culture+ workshops. From ‘Sales for Creatives’ to ‘Business Planning’, Miguel sought new ways and knowledge to develop his enterprise.

Miguel Issa on the Beach of Bournemouth

This culminated in 1-2-1 mentoring to look at the finer details of his business plan and during that time Miguel was in talks with an Italian composite tile manufacturer that enables digital designs to be placed on interior and exterior walls. With advice and direction by his Culture+ advisor Miguel was able to secure UK distribution licence for this product, and Miguel took these products and his designs to property trade shows in Dorset and London.

Now Miguel has developed a whole product range around his Mandala designs and increases his revenue by reselling these amazing tile-based products.

A true entrepreneur who has embraced the Culture+ programme to the benefit of his business and personal development.

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