Natalie was working as a mosaicist on large longer-term commissions, but she was finding that these were not enough to sustain a steady income throughout the year. Natalie wanted to find an additional income stream to create a steady cash flow for her business.

Natalie attended a series of one-to-one sessions with the Culture+ team to help her identify new areas of development for her business, realise her target customer and learn how to bring a new product to market. This resulted in a robust new business plan that incorporated her previous business activity as well as her new product range.

Natalie also attended a range of Culture+ courses that helped her to

  • Goal plan effectively to help her implement her business plan in a timely manner
  • Learn how to professionally style and photograph her new products for marketing purposes
  • Learn how to use social media and online platforms effectively to bring her product to market
  • Learn how to apply for and run a successful exhibition stand at a craft fair

Natalie now has a creative business toolkit and resources to work with to help her new business thrive. She has gained a lot more confidence which helps her to be more authentic with herself and her work.

Working with the Culture+ programme has helped her to define her business activity, identify her brand and put several of the Culture+ tools into place to showcase and sell her work more effectively.

“I was lacking direction and know how, so culture+ courses and one-to-one support really helped me to focus on new work and I now have not only a ‘tool-kit’ to work with but a new understanding of the scary stuff I was dreading. Previously, I was trying to position myself and my work to ‘fit in’ with who I thought I should be. I now feel so much happier to be the authentic me and my brand – working with all this incredible knowledge to make better decisions has changed how I think about everything! Culture+ has allowed me to take the time to get it right, to find the right audience to tell my story.”

Find Natalie on and her new product range at

Or on her Instagram @natguy