Noraay is Lyricist, Vocalist, Artist (British Alternative R&B / Arabic), Pop Songwriter, Producer based in Poole and engaged with the Culture+ programme as she wanted to relaunch her music career and was seeking mentoring to help her monetise her music and get advice about funding.

Firstly, Noraay accessed a range of Culture+ workshops, which included Creative Projects & Funding, Business Planning, and Sales & Promotion for Musicians, Bands & Composers. Then Noraay accessed 1-2-1 mentoring with a Culture+ mentor.

Noraay wearing sunglasses

Over several months both Noraay and mentor met to develop her whole practice. From digital engagements, digital marketing, branding and planning, both worked together to build her music career.

Since then Noraay has applied for music-based funding and was successful in getting a Digital Capability Grant from Dorset Growth Hub. This helped Noraay to develop a new website with some amazing new music, photography and the ability to sell digital downloads direct from her website. She also recently received Arts Council England’s Developing Your Creative Practice grant.

Noraay’s career path has now changed. She is more focused on what she needs to do to make a success of it and has invested in many music-based residencies. The future has never looked brighter with the help of her own determination and the support of Culture+.

Visit Noraay website for video and music at: