Sarah Hough first approached The Arts Development Company in 2017 looking for direction on her career as an artist. The Culture+ programme was recommended to her at a point when she felt her work as an artist was being called into question and this had had a profound impact on her confidence and ability to work productively or plan effectively.

Talking on a one-to-one basis for 6 months with the Culture+ team enabled Sarah to be completely open about the issues she was facing in relation to her work. These sessions also concentrated on structuring a business approach to her artistic practice and helped her to navigate towards writing and implementing a business plan.

Sarah painting in her studio

Sarah also attended a series of Culture+ workshops to help her structure her work, learn how to build a website and promote herself online. Through the Arts Development Company Sarah was also able to engage with dementia care training and went on to deliver artist led workshops for those who live with dementia.

Sarah has renewed confidence and is actively earning a living through her creative practice. She produced a solo exhibition of new work at the Lighthouse Gallery, Poole Centre for the Arts in May – August 2019. She has also worked on public community art projects within Dorset and she is looking to develop more projects for the coming year.

“I had been considering giving up as a working artist and was struggling to see a way forward but the help I have received from the Arts Development Company has given me a renewed determination to work much smarter as an artist whilst focusing on my strengths”

Find Sarah on her website and her instagram