Suzette Knight is a well-established creative ceramist from Bournemouth and makes unconventionally beautiful objects that are to be used or simply viewed, loved and incorporated into daily life.

Suzette’s practice was doing OK but she felt that it was time to seek out new ways of doing business and how she might be able to increase her brand values and online presence.

With the help of Culture+ workshops and 1-2-1 advice and mentoring with Culture+ advisors Suzette has successfully developed a whole new understanding of the arts business landscape and revamped her online persona to boost sales and reputation.

A display of ceramic pots by Suzette Knight on a shelf

In 2018 Suzette developed a new web marketing and design plan with Culture+ advisors and now promotes her work and workshops in an entirely new way, including developing her own ecommerce store to streamline the sales process.

Today, Suzette’s work and reputation has grown considerably and with a focus on the future with the help of Culture+ the future is bright and full of opportunity.

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