Only 31% of Artistic Directors of large Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations are women. Men are still paid 10.6% more than women in the arts”. – Arts Professional (2018)

SWarm is a pilot leadership programme bringing together eight female-led cultural organisations to explore regional leadership pathways for women in the arts. This pilot programme combines business entrepreneurship and cultural practice, and has programme design and impact evaluation at its core.

This project is funded by Arts Council England, and is part of their mission to address the gender imbalance in senior roles in arts organisations. 

The programme responds to the need for a talent pipeline in the cultural sector that fosters new leaders who are socially, politically and business savvy, and equipped with the skills necessary to take the sector into the 21st century.

The SWarm project is led by The Point Eastleigh, in partnership with: Diverse City, Dorset; Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth; Strike a Light, Gloucestershire; Activate Performing Arts, Dorset; Kaleider, Devon; The Point, Hampshire; The Arts Development Company, Dorset; Art Asia Trust Ltd, Southampton, Hampshire and Southampton Business School at The University of Southampton

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