You’re never too young to enjoy music – babies aged 0-12 months are experiencing music, movement and dance thanks to Babigloo Music for Babies.

The CIC is achieving amazing results in partnership with us at The Arts Development Company. It has recently been awarded funding from the Borough of Poole Culture Fund and a one-year grant from National Youth Music grant. The support will enable Babigloo to develop an eight-week workshop programme in six local children’s centres. Up to 60 babies and their parents will be involved. Babigloo also ran a successful Crowdfunder campaign to help make the activity possible.

Babigloo’s programme is aimed at supporting families who may be experiencing anxiety, post-natal depression or other difficulties.

Non-verbal approach

Founder Jenny Gordon said: ‘We use a non-verbal, music-led approach. This is based on the Early Years theories of American Professor of Music Edwin Gordon. The only language is music and vocal sounds. Babies can tune out voices but classical music and structured vocal rhythms stimulate all areas of a baby’s brain.

‘We are thrilled that Youth Music feel that supporting us is a good investment. The 0-12 months area of Early Years often gets overlooked.’

Hannah Baker from the Arts Development Company said: ‘The programme will enable Babigloo to grow so that more families can benefit from their wonderful work. Seeing the reaction of the babies and parents involved is incredible. It’s a testament to the Babigloo team and power of music.’

Feedback about Babigloo

Parents said:

‘It is really calming and helpful with different ideas for ways of improving a baby’s mood and communicating with babies in general’

‘There’s something about having no speech that is so brilliant!’

‘It has been the best thing I have done since having a baby’

‘He’s absolutely LOVED every session!’

This year Babigloo is working in Twin Sails Infant School, Old Town Poole Children’s Centre, Rossmore and Branksome Children’s Centres. The programme will move to Dorset County Children’s Centres in 2019.

Celebration concert

Babigloo is planning a final ‘celebration concert’ for each programme. These will include musicians playing classical and folk music live with the babies. Eventually, Babigloo plan to seek funding for 45-minute concerts. These are events that the babies’ parents, older siblings and even grandparents can attend.

Babigloo employs an Inuit theme. This explores the sensory awakening of spring and summer in the family cultures of the countries surrounding the Arctic Circle.