Three young women, one mic and plenty of chat about what it means to be female in the arts in 2019.

Jasmine O’Hare, Sophia Greppi and Laura Mulhern from The Arts Development Company (who are also creative freelancers) have open and honest chats about the challenges women face in UK arts and culture industry today. Each episode they are joined by special guests from the arts and culture industry to talk about everything from cameos to careers and everything in-between.

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Podcast illustration by Octavia Bromell Tink Outside the Box

Introducing the hosts

Sophia Greppi

Sophia creates theatre, drag nights, and mess. She’s Ginger meets Posh meets 1969 Scooby Doo meets the b-side of a Bowie record- it’s quite an aesthetic to behold. If you called her egotistical, she’d probably thank you. She’s loud, opinionated, and the person to complain to if there’s any audio mistakes in our podcast. Sophia hopes to find out why people are avoiding the word feminist, and if she should start identifying as a humanist, or stay loyal to the F word.

Laura Mulhern

With 12 years experience in running her own arts agency and a freelance career as an arts marketer, Laura is fascinated about storytelling. Whether it is to develop a brand, communicate an artistic idea or cause a reaction she always wants to communicate the truth in this stories. This truth is what Laura wants to unearth with this podcast. How does she really feel about feminism? Do we really need labels to make a point or be heard? Maybe this podcast will help her decide.

Jasmine O’Hare